When is a test, not a test?

Need a larf?

We have got the report for others now. 

Very strange results;
AAPT constantly gets over 100% in many tests.

The conclusion that ‘gaming results to overseas servers (esp their base in UK) are slow’ is amazing.
Who woulda thunk that anything outside the country would have been slow, to the other side of the world……

Also the fact only 3600 agents were used.
How many broadband users in AU at the moment?

Caution should be noted on the ‘isposure’ spyware that they use to measure on suckers’ pcs.
We couldn’t find much on the bandwidth used by the software that tests 24/7, every 30mins.
I’d hate to be on a telstra/bigpond 200-400mb service and have these tests running, chewing up the upload/download quotas.
Luckily nearly all other isps dont double dip (count uploads).

Also no discussion on proxy servers and their affect on the results.

Some great responses across the board to the telstra pr release and following articles recently.

read the replies

mmmm. malware


We’d still rather (and recommend) www.speedtest.net
Many many more real tests done and no spyware to install.

The AIP2008 report can be read here.
We’ve added highlighted points of interest and concern.


Some interesting feedback has occured since the ‘report’ was released, most have just rehashed the pr statement and havent even looked in more detail at the ‘report’.
Twice we have requested the report via the online submission page and have received no response (automated or not).

Online reviews





Interesting older article


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O.M.F.G. they are even involved with the NBN……. ffs

The NZ report has more detail than our local one.