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To eliminate issues from your end, please do initial steps:

  • check usage if throttled/capped
  • restart modem
  • if wireless, connect via ethernet
  • check if outlet has dialtone
  • A lot of speed issues are a result of a virus, antivirus software or a firewall. Initial checks would be to look for excessive dataflow on the connection by double clicking on the connection icon in the Task Bar. Make sure there are no downloads or uploads being done at this time
  • disable firewall, internet security software, anti-virus temporarily
  • scan for antivirus, pop-ups, spyware- change username formats eg: or just plain “username”
  • do an Isolation test. Connect modem directly to phone outlet using less than 3m phone cable, no filter, double adaptor, disconnect all phones and phone devices (back to base alarm, foxtel, pabx, commander, efpos?) connected to the adsl service number except for the modem and check the speed again
  • do download speedtest from >> save>> check for the download rate per sec >> cancel it after about 20 sec
  • try to connect modem to another phone outlet- reset to factory defaults then reconfigure
  • bridge configure modem, create pppoe via OS
  • update firmware of modem
  • try another pc (if possible)
  • try another modem (if possible)


Other information regarding plan changes (sorry for the bold)

TPG Plan Change FAQ
Q. When will the changes take affect once I’ve applied for the new plans.
A. Usually 2-24hrs upon applying the recommended time period though is 1-3 business working days.

Q. What if Im on an old plan that is no longer listed, will these new plans affect me?
A. No, You will remain on that plan until you yourself, makes the change to your current connection, change of plan or relocation.

Q. I am midway thru my old quota should I swap now or when my current month ends and what happens to my billing date?
A. Your billing date will be changed to the new date that your application is successfully passed on for the new plans, any remaining unused quota will be lossed once the application is succesful.

So use them up prior to switching, TPG currently charge by the days used into the month and not the data used so any remaining day’s left on your month will be re-credited and your new plan will be debited upon the plan change.

Q. My mobile bundle that came with my old ultimate plans has been changed to the new pricing of $14.99 what should I do?
A. If you have not applied for the new super plans but have had your monthly charge changed contact TPG directly and explain your situation.They most likely will refund your account with the extra charge.

Although if you had made the switch to the new super plans then you are left with the new charges to the mobile bundle.

Q. I’ve made the switch and I was previously out of contract, will my contract be restarted again?
A. No since this is only an upgrade/downgrade of your current connection, your contract only needs re-starting when concerning new connections.

Offpeak Times/Quota FAQ
Q. Im signed up to a grandfathered plan and have just noticed the off peak times for current plans resembling my one, have changed will this affect my times?
A. No, grandfathered plans remain as they are and this includes the peak/offpeak times, unless stated otherwise on TPG’s website.

Q. Im currently capped for both peak/offpeak times and about to head onto my new billing period at midnight will i get my full speed back at that time?
A. No, if your currently capped for both times you’ll have to wait till the peak time starts to get unthrottled as you are technically within your old months off peak period.

TPG uses the method of a 30 day billing system which consist of 30 peak periods and 30 off peak periods.
e.g Fred is capped for both times and his billing ends tonight at midnight which is the 23rd of June yet his still throttled well into the morning hours of offpeak times 24th of June.

Why is that?
Its because Fred is still technically into his 30th off peak period.

So Fred will have to wait till peak starts to get unthrottled and his off peak shall be uncapped the following day.

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