*** Help is only a few mouse clicks away ***

NEW – Win7 PCEverywhere 2010



ring ring, ring ring, look at clock, put down knife and fork and answer the call….again!!
It’s the weekend and someone’s got trouble emailing the ‘family photos’ which just HAVE to be sent whilst I’m having dinner…..

Does this sound familiar???? It does to me, but dont worry help isn’t far away.

On this page are a few downloads and tools that will get most going again.
Please DON’T use any of them until you have spoken to me directly (they wont work anyway…)



or REMOTE DESKTOP (MitHRemote2.exe) v2 here

original MitH Remote.exe

Download this file (right mouse click and save to the desktop or my documents)
Please contact me to arrange a time I can be online to respond to the remote request.


You need to turn “Aero” off for remote to work.
Here’s how you do it.

Right click on desktop and select “Personalize”
Select “Windows Themes”‘ option
Change theme from “Windows Vista” to “Windows Classic”
Select Apply or OK
Now you can connect or, if you were already connected you can now operate the computer.

You can do this yourself if you need to but the Vista lag is terrible and makes it difficult.
You should change the setting back to “Windows Vista” when you are done.

Also Daylight savings help