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We have been keeping an eye on whingepool for the last few months
Sadly we can now see a common act by moderators to remove any and all POSITIVE threads regarding happy TPG users who are freely trying to convey their satisfaction with services (ADSL, Phone, etc)

We will post up proof soon but again remind people NOT to believe all they see on the internet.
It’s what they DONT see that is a worry.


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Wow, today I can say I am honestly floored by the praise given to the work I do with MitH.
For nearly 10 years I have battled TPG for my clients and also battled whingepool to help those with issues get results.
Sure I am a TPG dealer, I have never hidden that fact, it’s even on the frontpage here, but I do cop a lot of mud slung at me when I support TPG and their clearly hidden T&Cs.

Whingepool, sorry (not the washing machines) is a huge online ‘chat room’ with a highly active, exceptionally tech savy users and heavy handed moderators. (They can’t touch me here)

Here is one amazing post by a longtime client who recently moved home and relocated his adsl service.


» TPG» Thanks to MitH – my TPG Dealer

By David Elsely (sweetchuk) 10.04.09
User #167366 • 65 posts

Hi all,
We see so many whines and gripes about problems both real and imagined, and see also the TPG dealers here cop a pasting for time worn (and time proven) suggestions which inevitably are generally the best advice.
My recent relocation experience is a case in point.
I applied for a simple relocation on 21st of March (retained same phone number / exchange – just moved a couple blocks), and through various technical maladies, was delayed in connecting until yesterday … a long time if you love being online, to be sure.
MitH took it on as my (long suffering) dealer, and we worked through it all as we have in the past. No denying, I felt frustrated at times, and was worried that Easter would arrive and no ‘Net.

The problems were twofold … the previous tenant had left without disengaging their phone with another provider – a total PITA, as Telstra (or any provider) is powerless to do a forced cut-off without authority from the previous resident. Anyway, that problem was solved after a week and a half.

Secondly, for whatever reason, the point I occupied on the exchange had locked up – something that is relatively uncommon, but can and does happen at times.

Lastly, the previous tenant had TWO phone lines hooked up here .. i.e. the main phone point downstairs was operating, but we could not synch up the modem in the upstairs office.
I got in my own electrician who quickly isolated the problem in that the upstairs phone point was wired to accept a separate number … something that the most skilled technician at TPG would have been unable to fix within the stipulations of their T&C’s (nor should they have to).
The whole work-through required patient step by step, but TPG and MitH worked with it for 3 weeks, and yesterday, the node at the exchange was cleared and reset, connection was up.

I guess the point I’m making is that yes, it is easy to blow your cool and blame TPG for everything, rant & rave and carry on, but I would think perhaps 80% or possibly more of the variants that can happen in either a new connection or relocation problem are not directly or even partially attributable to TPG themselves.
It certainly can help being courteous to Call Centre staff, and if you have a knowledgeable and patient TPG Dealer, they’re worth their weight in gold with problem solving.
Dealers like MitH do not get paid anything extra for the abuse they put up with on a near daily basis, they don’t get paid any extra for the work they put in on behalf of their clients, or their efforts to give good advice in places like this Forum, and they often have their own lives, businesses and the like to wade through every day.

I am very appreciative and grateful to MitH for his unflagging efforts liaising between TPG techs and my situation. His patient advice, assurances & suggestions could not have been more timely, and I recommend anyone considering connecting to TPG to do so through either MitH or a TPG dealer like him.
If anyone else has a good experience with a TPG dealer, please feel free to share – to the doomsayers who have nothing constructive or supportive to say of the Dealers efforts, save your breath in this thread please.

Final connection results as follows:
SNR Margin: 6.7 db (Downstream) / 7.9 db (Upstream)
Line Attenuation: 12.0 / 7.0 db

Data Rate: 23348 kbps / 1020 kbps



Thanks again for the glowing feedback David.